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Particulars of the Piteba oil expeller

Worldwide many oil containing seeds are produced or gathered from wild plants.
Small scale processing of the seeds is frequently not an option or the oil extraction rate is too low. The PITEBA oil expeller fulfils a need in this respect.
It is a low cost expeller for the small scale oil seed processor.
Almost any conceivable oilseed with more than 25% oil to seed can be processed, normally without any pre-treatment.
Oil and press cake can be sold in the local market respectively for household use or as protein concentrate in animal feed.
Processing of home grown as well as purchased oil seeds is possible. However, the PITEBA is also ideally suited to serve a migrating contractor going from farm to farm.

A few of the most important characteristics that makes the PITEBA oil expeller suitable for remote areas in tropical and sub tropical countries are:
  • manually operated by one person only
  • simple operation
  • sturdy design
  • very little maintenance
  • high extraction efficiency
  • low price
  • easily adaptable to many different oil seeds

Piteba oil expeller press oilpress oliepers expeller press prensa aceite olie jatropha coconut walnootpers walnootolie seed nut presse huile kopra The PITEBA oil expeller is compact. It fits in an A4 size package of 6 cm thickness. This allows shipping many expellers per pallet, reducing freight costs.
A clear and illustrated user manual is included with each expeller. If needed this manual can be supplied in various languages beside English.
NEW: The package also contains a multifunctional tool with metric wrenches which should also be used for correction of the moisture contents of the seeds or nuts.

Size: 20 x 13 x 6 cm (app. 8 x 5 x 2.5 Inch )
Total weight: 2.3 Kilo ( app. 5 LB )

Inside EU: Maximum 10 Piteba expellers / box
Outside EU: Maximum 8 Piteba expellers / box
19.5 Kilo = maximum weight for normal airmail freight


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