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Operation of the Piteba oil expeller

The Piteba oil expeller is manually operated, by means of a crank

manually operated, by means of a crank.
suitable for almost all oil containing seeds with at least 25% oil in the seed. (see section performance)

Properties of the PITEBA oil expeller:

  • high extraction efficiency
  • continuous expelling
  • manually operated (no external power source required)
  • almost no maintenance required
  • seeds can be expelled including seedcoat
  • simple operation
  • compact tool (2.2 kilo)

Important for good results

  • The moisture contents of the seed should be 8 - 10 %
  • When too dry: the press cake in the cap becomes stone hard and there will be no oil production
  • When too moist: the press cake flows back to the oil slid and there will be no oil production

Quality requirements of the seeds:

Canola seed
  • seed has to be well dried, but not too dry (app. 8 - 10 % moisture)
  • no deshelling required except for groundnut, walnut and hazelnut.
  • seeds should be freed from any stones, sticks and sand before expelling.
  • big seeds such as walnut, hazelnut, oil palm kernel, coprah and babassu need reduction in size but should not be grinded.

Expelling operation:

  • before starting daily expelling: grease washer at the end of the shaft of the expeller screw with vegetable oil and insert the screw within the press cage.
  • mount press cage cap and the terminal adjustment bolt. The use of the terminal adjustment bolt is indicated for every type of seed processed.
  • The thread of the press cage cap has to be cleaned before turning the cap on the press cage. In case this is not done, the cast iron cap may burst!
  • the press cage should be heated for 10 minutes with the small oil burner, as provided, before starting work. The burner remains burning also during expelling
  • the expeller is operated by turning the crank clockwise
  • the seed enters through the funnel into the expeller screw. The screw moves the seed towards the press cage outlet. Near the press cage outlet the seed is ground and exposed to a very high pressure.
  • the oil is expelled near the press cage outlet and runs against the direction of the flow of the seed to the oil outlet. The oil needs time to move to the oil outlet.
  • the press cake leaves the press cage at the end of the cap or the small holes depending on the use of the terminal adjustment bolt as indicated for each type of seed.
  • the oil outlet maybe blocked by small particles and should be cleaned regularly with a blade to allow a free oil flow.
  • the oil is collected from the slit in the press cage and is collected in a container.
cap with terminal adjustment bolt
cap with terminal
adjustment bolt

cap without terminal adjustment bolt
cap without terminal
adjustment bolt

press cage with slit

The oil:

  • the oil is collected in a small container under the press cage and emptied in a big container
  • impurities will settle in the big container within 24 hours. If necessary keep the oil at 30 degrees centigrade or slightly warmer to allow easy settling of impurities.
  • decant the clear oil. The oil is ready for use.

The press cake:

  • The press cake can serve as protein concentrate in feed for chicken, pigs, goats, ducks, cattle
  • the press cake can serve as organic fertilizer as it rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potash and magnesium
  • the press cake can serve as fuel

press cake

During oil expelling

  • check oil flow and clean with a blade the oil slit when the oil flow is impeded

After expelling:

  • after expelling remove the cap immediately from the end of the press cage when still hot. The hot press cake in the cap is still rather soft and easy to remove with a knife or a screw driver.
  • Watch out: do not damage the thread inside the cap!
  • in case the cap is not cleaned immediately when still hot, the press cake inside the cap becomes hard like stone and is difficult to remove. When soaking the cap in warm water for a few hours the press cake will soften and can be removed.
  • in case the same type of seed is pressed again and the press cake is cooled down and stone hard: light the small burner and wait for 20-30 minutes. The press cake will turn plastic again and you can continue pressing without removing the press cake.
  • after expelling the press cage is cleaned by putting some seed into the funnel and turning the crank. Do not use the adjustment bolt so the seed will flow freely cleaning the cap.
  • grease the washer at the end of the shaft of the expeller screw with a few drops of vegetable oil.