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Production of palm oil
Piteba oil expeller + D3-cap

palm fruit

Traditional urban oil palm fruit processing

Oil palm fruit is cooked for about 2 hours. Subsequently the fruit is pounded and the hot mash is placed on a cloth. The sludge and oil are obtained by twisting and squeezing the cloth. The oil is skimmed and put in a bottle and used for cooking later on. The sludge is used to make a palm oil stew.

Piteba palm fruit processing Piteba D3-cap

The D3 cap transforms the Piteba oil expeller into a 1 step palm fruit press.
It makes palm oil production easy and it requires minimal force and time.

How it’s done:

Use fresh fruits. Cut the pulp from the nut and shorten the fibres to app. 1 cm length. Fill the expeller with the pieces of fruit during turning of the crank. You instantly produce the palm oil.
(Alternative method for removing pulp from the nut: steam the fruits during at least 1 hour.)

cutting of palm fruit cut palm fruit pressed palm oil
cutting loose
the palm fruit
the cut palmfruit the palm oil
just after pressing