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Estimated daily income with a Piteba oil expeller

  • All values are in local currency
  • If seeds or nuts are freely available, then leave this field empty.
  • The same for "Price of presscake" when this cannot be used or sold.
Fields marked with * are necessary.

Type of seed/nuts:         
Price of seed per kg:
Price of oil per liter: *
Price of presscake (chicken feed) per kg:
Hours available for pressing per day: *
Revenue: 0.00
Expenditure: 0.00
Profit per working day: 0.00
Profit per kg of seed: 0.00

Assumptions used:
  • No labour cost involved.
  • Cost of lamp oil, depreciation etc. is 5% of the oil-price.
  • Working efficiency is 80% of the figures stated in the performance table.