Why a press from Piteba?

Unique design, handmade in the Netherlands

This hand-driven oil press designed by Piteba squeezes oil from all seeds and nuts with a high oil content. This is the original well-functioning oil press, handmade in the Netherlands.

Our history

Advice, tips and instructional videos

How do you squeeze oil? We help you squeeze walnuts, sesame seeds, coconut, peanuts, olives and many other seeds and nuts. If you have any questions: contact us!


What makes our press so special

We design and produce all products ourselves

In addition to the oil press and the nutcracker, we also make accessories such as the mounting set, the D2 cap for pressing olives, the D3 cap for palm oil and various sets with spare parts.

  The press has a very high oil yield

And gives you the opportunity to squeeze your own pure untreated, unrefined oil.
You can squeeze seeds, organic or not, such as sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, peanuts, moringa, rapeseed, walnuts, jatropha, flax seeds (flax seeds), almonds, castor beans, coconut (coconut), safflower, soybeans and mustard seeds. The full list of the amount of oil per kilo of seeds can be found on the "How to squeeze oil" page on this website. You can make edible oil and cosmetic oil ( hair oil, skin oil ).

Continuous innovation

We are constantly looking for alternative uses for the press. With the press you can not only squeeze oil from all seeds and nuts with more than 25% oil, but you can also use the press as an olive press (including the pit), palm fruit press, coffee grinder, peanut butter machine and you can even make avocado oil from dried avocados with it.


More than just seeds and nuts

Piteba's oil press can also be used for other purposes. With our press you can also grind your coffee beans, make peanut butter from fresh peanuts and flour from walnuts.

Want to know more about how it works?

You can read it here