Oil press for homemade oil, manual and electric. Nutcracker for large quantities


Make cold pressed oil at home

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    This Piteba design hand-cranked oil extractor presses oil from all seeds and nuts with a high oil content. This is the original well-functioning press handmade in The Netherlands.


    A competitive price for a press that really works. This manual diy small oil press machine is a low price Dutch quality tool to make your own cold pressed seed oil.


    How to extract oil? We help you out with pressing walnuts, sesame seed, coconut, groundnuts, olives and many more. Questions or problems, please contact us!


    A manual oil expeller to make cold pressed oil from local seeds and nuts. With your own muscle power, you can squeeze the oil out of various seeds, even olives for your home made olive oil.


  • We design and produce all products ourselves. Next to the oil press and the nutcracker, we make accessories like the mounting set, the cap D2 for olive pressing, the Cap D3 for palm oil pressing and various spare parts sets.
  • Our high yield oil press will give you the possibility to produce your own unrefined virgin oil. You can process seeds, organic or conventional, like sesame seed, sunflower seed, peanuts ( groundnut ), moringa, canola, walnuts, jatropha, lin seed ( flax seed ), almond, castor beans, coconut ( coprah ), safflower, soybean and mustard seed. The full list of seeds with the oil per kilo can be found on the Operation page. You can make edible oil as well as oils for cosmetic purposes ( skin oil, hair oil ).
  • We constantly search for alternative uses of the press. The press is not only suitable for oil pressing of seeds and nuts with over 25% oil, but can also be used as an olive oil press ( including the kernel ), palm fruit press, coffee grinder, peanut butter machine and even to press avocado oil from dried fruits.

Oil expeller

€ 93,32

Motor set

€ 542,69


Pressing oil is surprisingly
simple, if you know how
it works.

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We make your press

“With the help of family and friends, I designed the Piteba oil press. Since 2005 I have already sent many presses to over 150 countries. The strong and solid presses are handmade in my farm house built in 1852. I am proud of the artisan and durable products which I make on a beautiful location in the north of the Netherlands. ” Edwin Blaak

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