Use home-made oil to make your floating candle.

Leftovers of self-pressed oil can be used as fuel for a floating candle. It is easy to make. Lighting from self-pressed seeds and nuts.

What do you need for a floating candle?

The cork of a good bottle of wine, a wine glass or vase, aluminum foil and a piece of kitchen paper.

How do you make floating candles?

Cut 3 slices of 2 to 3 mm thick from the cork. You pack these next to each other in 1 piece of aluminum foil. Pierce a hole in the middle. You roll the kitchen paper to make the wick (no too tightly) and push it into the hole. Pour some oil in a (wine) glass and place 1 or more floating candles on the oil. Wait until the wick has absorbed some oil and light it. It may take a while before it lights up, but then you have hours of romantic light.