An artisan company.

A long history and a lot of attention to your press.


Rape seed presses have been in use since 1900 and during the Second World War in the region of Groningen (The Netherlands). They were my inspiration. These presses were not very efficient and only suitable for rape seed.


The technical development of the Piteba press took me about five years. Often when I made changes to the device they appeared to work out well for a specific kind of seed. However, the alterations might cause problems for extracting another kind of seeds, or the device became less handy. Seeds and nuts from all over the world were tested. After the test results were good for all seeds, I worked on the final design. The model and the company name were internationally registered and I developed the packaging and the web-site.


I developed the Piteba oil press to contribute to food security, sustainability, income improvement and reduction of hunger and malnutrition. The starting point was the production of oil as a cottage industry.

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The Piteba products are produced in Scheemda, The Netherlands, in a typical farmhouse built in 1852.


In 2005 I installed all equipment needed for the work shop and started the production of the devices on a small scale. The production was optimized in 2006 and 2007. Larger quantities are now produced, but the products are still hand made. In 2013 extra machinery was installed to produce the nut crackers. They are also hand made.


The Piteba presses are sold through the internet. The feedback from customers in over 140 countries gives me a good impression of how the machine is being used. Special seeds and nuts are tested on request and questions about the use of the press will be answered personally.

Research and development

The number of seeds and nuts that can be pressed still expands. Experiments with perilla, baobab, karité, argan, black oil seeds (Nigella), cotton seeds, almond, pecan nut, macadamia, kukui nut, acorns and neem gave positive results. Some require extra treatment or a small trick for optimal oil yield. The feedback from users of the Piteba expeller helps to improve press results.