Mounting and operation of the Piteba nutcracker

Nutcrackers Piteba oczekujace na wysylke

The nutcracker is firmly strapped in order to prevent damage.
The dimensions of the package are 25 x 16 x 6 cm.
The weight is 2.3 kg.
Below the supplied parts: 
Parts included with the Piteba nutcracker


  • After unpacking, the hooks of the body are slid into the notches of the base plate.
  • The body is fixed to the base plate by means of the small screw.

La fijación del cuerpo del cascanueces Piteba

  • The lever is positioned with the lower ridges into the body, then the upper ridges are slit into the upper slits of the body. Einstellen der Gegenplatte des Piteba Nussknacker
  • Put the nutcracker with the two lock bolts on the wooden block and tighten the nuts with a pipe wrench.
  • On the picture below you can see how the nutcracker can be used on a table or workbench.
  • The faceplate is hung from above into the notches in the upper rim of the body and put obliquely by means of the big adjusting screw.
  • Depending on the (average) size of the nuts, the adjusting screw is tightened until the nuts become stuck at approximately the level of the adjusting screw.
  • Push the lever with the least possible force towards the faceplate, so that the nut just splits and the shells do not jump out of the cracker.
  • Since pieces of shell still may fly around, it is wise to protect your eyes with (safety) glasses.

Piteba quebra-nozes em uma bancada

Piteba Spargatorul de nuci cu alune