Make your own almond milk and marzipan with the Piteba oil press.


There are two types of almonds, the sweet and the bitter. We use the sweet, the Prunis dulcis. Take hulled, unroasted almonds and soak them 16 hours in water. Dry the wet almonds in e.g. a towel.


Almond milk

The press should be heated with a small flame. Tune the adjustment bolt fairly loose, otherwise the soft material will flow back into the slit. This produces a thick, liquid milk which you can drink, maybe after adding some honey or agave syrup. You can also freeze it in the freezer for future use, for example smoothies with fruit, or as a milk substitute in all your recipes. Think of pancakes, cake, but also in your cereals.

Almond (Marzipan)

Put the press cake once again into the expeller with a more tight adjustment of the bolt. Push the cake into the entry hole with a piece of wood of an appropriate diameter. The press cake will now flow partly through the cap and partly through the slit. The material from the slit will be a homogeneous mass with particles smaller than 1 mm. Mix it with 2 to 3 times its weight of powdered sugar and roll it out into a long string of 1.5 cm thickness. This can be cut into pieces of marzipan.

The press cake from the cap (from the second pressing) contains coarser bits than those from the slit. Before adding the sugar it should be mashed in i.e. a mortar.