How to make olive oil, palm oil, avocado oil and peanut butter or use the press as a grinder to make nut meal / nut flour and grind coffee. 

Make oil from fresh or dried olives for home made olive oil.  Many dried fruits containing enough oil can be pressed like avocado and olives. Process fresh or steamed palm fruit for your home made palm oil. Various nuts can be processed to make nut butter. If you have questions how to make oil from a product? Ask PITEBA, the designer of the small manual press. 



First crush the olives and dry them.

With the PITEBA nutcracker-steel you crush the olives. Then you dry them in a food dryer. Press the dried olives including the kernel with the PITEBA oil press with the Olive Cap D2. This is how you press pure fresh olive oil!

how to press oil from dried olives >

What do you need: oil press + D2 cap + EasyFill set + mounting set + nutcracker-steel 

Crush the olives

Dry the olives

Make the olive oil


Make your own olive paste

The D2 cap with the flat ring transforms the Piteba oil press in a grinder for fresh olives (including the kernel) and makes an excellent olive paste of all olives. The press replaces the traditional millstone. For quick entry and for pressing the olives the EasyFill set is very handy.

how to press oil from the paste >

What do you need: oil press + D2 cap + EasyFill set + mounting set + olive paste press 

Grind the olives including the kernel

Mix paste and liquid / stir at 30 ° C

Press the olive oil with the olive paste press

(Note: only possible with some types of olives!)

(in one step)

Press your own olive oil

Which olives

From a number of olive varieties you can even produce oil in one step. Unfortunately, Piteba cannot give you any assurance about olive breeds that are suitable for this purpose. You will have to try your own olives to find out if your olives are suitable for the one step method or if you must first produce olive paste and press the oil with a fruit press. It seems that olives with a large kernel and little flesh give best results. These are the old varieties and wild olives.

How to proceed

Use fresh fully ripened oil olives. Fill the press with olives (including kernel) and push them into the press with the pestle while turning the crank. The olives should be around 25 - 30 ° C and use the burner for some extra heat.

The press cake comes out of the cap and the oil comes out of the oil slit. With the adjustment bolt, the pressure can be controlled. After settling, you have a clear cold-pressed olive oil. The detailed procedure is explained in the manual included with the D2 cap.

What do you need: oil press + D2 cap + EasyFill set


Make your own pure peanut butter

You will be surprised by the pure taste and the delicious scent of homemade peanut butter. Use roasted nuts and push them with the pestle into the press. When turning, keep the filling opening closed with the pestle. The nut paste leaves the press through the oil slit. Do not use the burner and you close the cap with the adjustment bolt. (completely closed).


What do you need: oil press + EasyFill set


Transform your press into a grinder

The D2 cap with the uneven washer transforms your oil press into a grinder.

Nut meal:

Use the D2 cap to grind dried press pulp into flour. Instead of drying, you can also lightly roast the press pulp for extra flavour. Fresh unroasted peanuts should always be roasted first.


While turning the crank, fill the press with roasted coffee and you will get well ground coffee.

If you want an extra fine grind, grind a second time. You can also sieve the flour and grind the coarse particles again to obtain a very homogeneous flour.

What do you need: oil press + D2 cap + EasyFill set

dried walnut press cake

walnut flour - meal

coffee grinder


Press your avocado oil from dried avocados

With the standard cap, squeeze oil from dried avocados.

How to make avocado oil >

What do you need: oil press

Cut the avocado in slices

Dehydrate (dry) the avocado

Press the dried avocado

7. Palm fruit processing

The D3 cap transforms the Piteba oil expeller into a 1 step palm fruit press. 
It makes palm oil production easy and it requires minimal force and time.

Press palm oil from fresh palm fruit >

What do you need: oil press + D3 cap + EasyFill set

Use fresh or cooked palm fruit

Remove the flesh from the kernel and cut the fibre

Press the palm fruit flesh for the palm oil

Olive oil and olive paste

Peanut butter