Press pure fresh olive oil from dried olives. Simple, fast and produce the oil when it suits you. The dried olives have a long shelf life!

How to press olive oil from dried olives. Use the PITEBA nutcracker to crush the olives (the kernel remains whole). Then dry the olives in a food dryer until they are completely dry. Add 100 ml of water to 1 kilo of dried olives to be sure they contain exactly 10% moisture. Wait 1 day until all the water has been absorbed. Now you can press the olives (including the kernels) with the PITEBA oil press and the D2 cap. Press at room temperature and use the burner with a very small flame.

1. Crush the fresh olives with the PITEBA nutcracker. Whole olives do not dry. The kernels remain in it olives.

2. Dry the olives in a food dryer.

3. Dry until the olives are completely dry.

4. Dried olives including the kernels.

5. Add 100 ml of water to 1 kilo of dried olives and leave it in a bag for 1 day.

6. Press the olives (including the kernels) with the D2 cap.

7. Press the olives slightly so they are properly transported by the screw. Make sure the screw is not too full, otherwise the oil will not flow back to the oil slit

8. Clean the oil slit regularly with the brush.

9. The oil flowing from the oil slit.

10. The press cake leaves the cap. A lighter colour shows more oil is extracted.

11. Pure olive oil. Freshly pressed!

12. The pressure is determined with the adjusting bolt. Open or close regularly, depending on the press result. Make sure that the press pulp continuesly comes out of the cap, otherwise it runs back into the press and the oil slit gets clogged.

13. Freshly pressed olive oil just after pressing: cloudy.

14. The oil becomes clearer after 1 day of settling.

15. After 2 days the oil is clear enough for use. So no filter is needed.