Press olive oil from pulp: pressing olives step-by-step.

Use the Piteba oil press to grind the olives including the kernel into a homogeneous pulp. Heat and stir this pulp for about one hour. Put a cloth in the fruit press ( olive pulp press ) and fill it with the warm pulp. Slowly tighten the press to produce the oil. 

1. The D2 cap with the flat ring transforms the Piteba oil press into a grinder for fresh olives (including the pit!) and turns all olives into an excellent olive paste.

2. Add the moisture that left the press through the oil slit to the pressed paste.

3. The olive paste is kept warm at 27-30 ° C ( malaxation ) for one hour while slowly stirring it. Part of the oil will float on the paste already.

4. Put a fine-woven cloth in the press cage of the fruit press and fill it with the warm olive paste.

5. Slowly lower the press plate and oil and water will flow out of the press.

6. The press cake is fairly dry.

7. Leave the pressed oil + water to settle until the oil is floating on top of the water. Separate the oil from the water (decant). If there is any contamination in the oil, this will settle. What remains is a clear olive oil.